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Over 30 years experience in Reimbursement and Cost Report Preparation.

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Welcome to Diversus Who are we?

We are a consulting company with a professional staff that accumulates over 30 years of experience in consulting services for healthcare providers. Our extensive experience includes management and auditing work experience with CMS and MACs. We combine our healthcare finance expertise with a uniquely intimate relationship with our clients.

Cost Report Management

We assist providers to use the cost report as a management tool for decision-making to support financial projections, success and maintain compliance standards.

Reimbursement Experience

We have extensive cost reporting and reimbursement experience for both cost-based and PPS providers. We understand the importance that cost reports hold for healthcare entities.

Our Services  

At Diversus, we offer the best Medicare and Medicaid Consulting Services with excellent results. We work with our clients by aiding in their understanding of Medicare Law and providing them guidance to help assure compliance with Federal requirements.

Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement

Our team of consultants knows all the details of the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements that affect healthcare providers. This means…

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Medicare & Medicaid Cost Report Preparation

Our team of professionals is widely trained and has sufficient experience in preparing properly and accurate Medicare / Medicaid cost…

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Medicare Law Enforcement Consulting

Accounting, operational, and reporting systems are required to satisfy Management needs, as well as Federal and State regulations. We work…

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Consulting Services

We are Medicare/Medicaid Consulting Services for Healthcare Providers nationwide Including Puerto Rico.

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Close personal relationship with First Coast Service Options (MAC).


Over 30 years experience in Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement.


We understand the importance that cost reports hold for healthcare entities.

Dedicated Team Member

We meet customer expectations providing personalized attention.

Clients Focused

We personally take responsibility for efficient results.


We seek excellence as a professional goal to improve knowledge.

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